Click here to go to the song Selection Tool >>>>>>>>>>
To use the song selection tool the first time, search for a song you want to sing by hitting the search for song button.
If you click on white rectangle, your keyboard should come up.
Type in song or artist. Once you find a song, touch that song and another screen will come up showing your name, secret code, remarks, key change.
Put the name you want to use. If you want me to link your song history to that sign in, you need to use your usual name or let me know ahead of time.
It would be a good idea to use your name plus last initial at this point to not get confused with others of the same name.
Your secret code should be a 4 digit number you make up so you can log back in to your history.
Use remarks if you are not in the building yet to let me know when you will be there.
Key change if needed.
Hit submit and it will show a screen saying your request has been added.
Hit the home button and you will be back at first screen.
In the upper right corner there is a circle with a person in it. Push that to login in the future and you will have a new button called my songs. That is your history.
Click here to get to first Page  >>>>>>>>>>>>>